April 15, 2011

Frank Stella: Irregular Polygons @ TMA / Follow Up

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As previously mentioned, Frank Stella currently has an amazing exhibition up at the Toledo Museum of Art. Last week I had the privilege to not only hear Frank speak, but also rub elbows with some of Toledo’s Art patrons. The museum had a great spread of food and wine out for us, and it was a lot of fun standing amongst important greek & egyptian sculptures while shooting the shit with friends.

The Stella talk in the Museum’s Peristyle auditorium was super packed and well received. Tyler Green of Art Info was the moderator and the Q&A session was really well done. I hadn’t done much research on Stella, and really appreciated his outlook on life and art. He asked questions like “Who are the enemies of Art? Recession, Representation, Reproduction & Recreation.”

The Toledo Egotist did a good job tweeting some of his quips… “I’m not qualified to give advice” to art students. But “how badly do you want to do this?”

We snuck out of the talk early to check out the show before the mad rush came in. The Museum had put up some thoughtful and fun signs around… I wonder what sort of dialog it provoked out of the public?

Seeing large photos of the original 1965 installation of Irregular Polygons was a highlight for me.

… as were the process sketches Frank made.

The installation looked fantastic. They had a table set up in the middle with some engaging geometric puzzles, as well as some Stella books to flip through. His career is full of eclectic and intense work, and it was nice to see his later works in context compared to his earlier work on the walls.

As we left the Museum, an on-loan Botero hand waved us goodbye!

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