September 19, 2008


12:50 am in art,design,web dustin hostetler

as an artist who for many years maintained a daily/monthly visual diary online, and one who has many friends who to this day still do, im always interested to see how people approach the visual diary form.

when i got an email from “S” this week letting me know that his(?) new site was something i would be interested in, i was suspicious.. but as soon as I clicked the hyperlink in the email i knew i had found something special.

I work at a major stock photo company cataloging images. The majority of the stuff I work with will never see the light of day for no other reason than that most people don’t know it’s available to them. It’s a shame which I’m trying to remedy with this site. As an amateur designer, I occasionally can’t help but play around with the images I see floating across my desk on a daily basis. This site contains the results.

i personally think the format of the site, including the ability to see all of the original source elements used in the final artwork, as well as the honesty in the site’s story really refreshing. while we may never know if the story is in fact 100% legitimate, lets all bookmark schtock, and enjoy the ongoing abstractions.

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