June 17, 2010

great minds think alike?

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Several months ago, I started a music project called The Unknown Callers, and recently we set out to make a music video for one of the songs. Using old footage shot in July of 2006, I put together a creepy video for the new song “Panic Attacks Again!” performed by Golab. (lyrics by me)

The video was made for fun, and not much thought went into it beyond making it as weird as I could make it. Admittedly both myself and Joel from Golab are die hard Harmony Korine fans (How can you live in Ohio and not love Gummo?!) so it really shocked me to see this trailer today for Harmony’s new movie “Trash Humpers.” If I knew about the movie, would I have made the Golab video with the creepy grandpa mask? Probably… but it sure is a weird (and slightly amazing) feeling to find so many aesthetic similarities between the two youtube videos.

What do you think?

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