February 5, 2010


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In case you’ve been living under a rock, or just don’t care (which I totally understand) then you know that BRAVO TV is launching a new reality show called Work Of Art: The Next Great Artist. Like other career based reality shows, it’s going to basically embarrass a cast of young artists through creative competitions, melt downs on camera, and complete exploitation of their craft and process. That being said, it’s probably going to be incredibly compelling entertainment and i’ll be torrenting it as soon as it’s available.

There has been a lot of coverage about the project since word first came out last year about the casting calls. I’m not really the best person to criticize art but if you head over to Art Fag City you can read some great posts on the up coming show.

All this being said… the reason I’m most interested in this bit of Reality TV is because several of my good friends auditioned to be a part of it. While I think it’s an incredibly bad idea to exploit yourself like that, I was also really fascinated by the idea of seeing friends of mine on TV so i’ve been paying attention to any and all coverage of the show to see if anyone I know ended up being casted.

One friend who did not make the cut, was Scott Rench. He just passed over his audition tape, along with  his experience of going through the audition process. It’s a fascinating look at the behind the scenes of the nightmare that is Reality TV. Is this the future of Art? I doubt it, and I sure fucking hope not. But it is a serious part of contemporary pop culture… which in a lot of ways is art itself. Watch the video and read on for Scott’s story!

The turnout was HUGE. People drove from all over the US to be in line for the Chicago audition.

The whole thing went a little bit like the scene in the Christmas Story. I waited in line for what seemed like eternity. The next thing I know is I am told what books, images or art do I have for the respected Chicago judges.

I hand my stuff over and was given a short run through of what I could do and not do. The next thing I know the door opens. I am blinded by lights and standing in front of a coffee table with 4 people. They are flipping through some of my books.

I tell them I developed a process for printing on clay. I think it really helped that I brought the Gestalten books I am in. One was young contemporary people to watch or something like that. This book seemed to get me glances over the glasses.

Before I could really sell myself I was told thank you we are sending you to the next round. I was shell shocked and a foot was pressing on my head sending me down the slide.

I was given a form that told me the next part of the challenge was to make a video about myself, my work and my vise. All under 5 minutes which goes REALLY fast…

I was leaving for NY that day for a show and workshop. I had to beg for extra time and plead how there was no way I could get my video done in the day or two we had. I was given 1 day extra. Literally the morning I landed I had 4 hours to get content on video, I had no idea what I was going to do and basically I had time for one take.

I ran to an editing house where I called in a favor and spent the next 8 hours editing down the video into 5 minutes.

There were some back and forth emails asking me what i needed to make my work and then the rejection letter.

The process was really funny… the interview thing was over before I had a chance to breath.

While i’m honestly glad Scott wasn’t picked for the show, I think Bravo made a mistake. This guy’s work is amazing, and there is no way to judge someone on 5 minutes of rushed video. Swing by Yosoh.com to check out Scott’s work for yourself.

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